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Monday, November 22, 2010

Shepherd's Pie - one of the most perfect comfort foods!

These past few days have been crazy busy for us, going here and there, add in a few little home projects I created for myself.  Top it all off with planning for extra company for the weekend and hosting Thanksgiving dinner for family.  So my menu planning has been out the window it seems!
So tonight's dinner had to be easy, fast and simple, Shepherd's Pie!  And it was all three of that plus delicious flavor!  And good for you!  I literally walked in the door at 6:00pm this evening and began cooking dinner.  We sat down for dinner at 7!  20 minutes prep time (add a few more for my little interruptions ;)) and 20 minutes for cooking time.  I added salads and bread.  All of our veggies were in the entree.
It was so yummy, here is how few leftovers we had!  Suppose to serve 6 - 2 of our 5 were little eaters tonight so truly say 4 adults eating!

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