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Friday, November 12, 2010

More than just cooking in your kitchen!

What do 6 pair of hands and Halloween candy mean in your kitchen?  For me, it was our homeschool group activity day - "Candy Experiments!"  Cooking is science.  You follow a recipe - a procedure.  You have a hypothesis - what you hope the meal is going to become.  The result is the data and the comments could be considered the conclusion.  Right?  I have a friend who spends all day long following recipes making all kinds of concoctions for scientists.  The other day she mentioned she had even used Coconut Milk - but not in a soup recipe like the Curry Chicken Rice Soup. 
Are Sweethearts Candy an acid or a baseWill Nerds Candy dissolve faster in hot or cold waterCan you make glue from Milk?  Can you be a spy with lemon juice?  These were just some of the questions we answered this afternoon.
Bonus - the very first experiment the group conducted was baking and following a recipe.  The chosen recipe, The absolute BEST brownies!  The kids measured, cracked and stirred, learning to follow directions.  Luckily they didn't leave out the chocolate!  The results were heavenly!

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