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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It started with One

About two years ago, a dear friend (as well as my hairdresser) was diagnosed with Celiac Disease (CD).  I had never heard of it at that time.  Since then, it has become as common to hear as vegetarian.
Celiac Disease is an auto immune condition that attacks the small intestine when the person ears gluten.  Simple enough, right - just don't eat gluten.  Ha!  Gluten is the protein in grains - wheat.  So just avoid bread, right?  Gluten is hidden in soy sauce, soups, puddings, salad dressings, just to name a few.  Trying to figure out  what to avoid to eat is quite a bit a detective work.  Go read about it - it might just help you or someone you know!
Finding this great blog, Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef (used to just be Gluten Free Girl then the Chef came along, go read about it!), I thought how great!  Not only does she make gluten-free recipes, they sound so tasty!  And then she posted a Gluten Free Thanksgiving.  These recipes sounded so scrumptious.  Scroll through to the bottom and you will find other recipes on that post that readers and other bloggers have submitted!  Wow!  I want to make these!  Chocolate Biscotti from Not without Salt.  Warm Pumpkin Polenta with Goat Cheese from Zest Bakery.  Pumpkin Strata from Kitchen Gadget Girl.  And many many more.
So take a few minutes to be tantalized with these recipes.  Learn something new today.  It might be helpful to you or someone you know.


  1. Glad you liked the recipe! BTW, did you know Gluten Free Girl is having a contest? You should enter, the prizes look great!

  2. I saw that and *drool* those prizes were awesome! Thinking I need to post a few fabulous blog's contests and giveaways again! Thanks for stopping by! Love you blog!