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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Finally made it! Chicken and White Bean Stuffed Peppers

With a change in the plans this week, painters being in the house one day ALL day, going out to eat, I finally was able to make the Chicken and White Bean Stuffed Peppers.  YUM!  A winner declared the Teen!  The boys would not stop eating it!  I was looking forward to many leftovers - not the case.  I have one lunch left out tonight's dinner! 
This meal was also super easy.  I pulled out frozen chicken that had been leftover from a previous week's meal of Herb Garden Chicken in the Slow Cooker.  Sauteed 1/2 red pepper, chopped onion, and cilantro.  Added the chicken, cumin, and Cannelloni Beans.  Cooked in broth till thick.  Stuffed my peppers - I used 3 green, 2 yellow, an orange and the tiny half of the red pepper.  Baked in 1 cup of chicken broth at 350 degrees for 40 min (a bit longer than the recipe suggested).  Top with cheese.  Allow to melt.
I cooked rice in chicken broth.   With the rice cooked, I heated thoroughly with several spoonfuls of salsa.  Not a bite was left!
Two big thumbs up for this meal!

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