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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mango Tango - Tropical Paradise in a Muffin!

The house smelled like a tropical paradise today as I baked super ripe mangoes into delicious muffins!  This was the perfect recipe to use the fruit.  I altered the Mango Nut Bread recipe a little.  I had two ripe mangoes and a ripe papaya.  So I peeled each, tossing them into the blender to puree.  And my pantry was missing coconut and nuts so I just omitted them from the recipe.  I did add a handful of golden raisins to the batter.  I have notice my kids eat muffins better than breads so I made the batter in muffin tins baking for about 20 minutes.  Big Guy even commented "I hope they taste as good as they smell", and they did!  I even felt better knowing I had used half all purpose flour and half whole wheat!

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