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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Let us give Thanks! Turkey Day 2010

The big day has arrived!  Thanksgiving! This is my favorite holiday.  It's like Christmas without the pressure of the presents.  Even though we have to buy few compared to many others, I always want the recipient to love their gift.  Not just like it.  Thus bringing undue pressure and stress upon myself.
But for Thanksgiving, there are no presents.  Just food and fellowship of family and friends.  And I love all the preparing and cooking (have you noticed!).
This year we even did special napkins and cut out placemats.  Teen had discovered these adorable embroidery patterns so we bought simple muslin fabric in white (our tablecloth is white).  She has spent the past week in her spare time embroidering these cute leaves with happy faces on the napkins.  I am taking the "no-sew" path due to time constraints making good use of fuseable webbing.
Our placemats are colored burlap material that we literally just cut out a placemat using an existing one as a pattern.  No sewing as I am planning them to be a one time use.  They are fall colors to set off the napkins - deep red, brown and orange.
Adding one more touch to our table, the Boys used their fingers and printed little turkeys on placecards that will stand at each plate with the help of wine corks thanks to a sweet friend.
And our menu for the evening:

Bread Cornucopia filled with Cheeses for appetizer
Good Eats Roast Turkey
Mashed Velvet Potatoes
Smithfield Ham
Butternut Squash
Steamed Green Beans
Collard Greens
Dinner Rolls
Oyster Dressing
Cranberry Relish
Pumpkin Chocolate Cheesecake Pie
Fruit Pie

So far, I have the Pumpkin Chocolate Cheesecake Pie made, Sister in law is doing the other and several of the dishes.  Turkey is Brining!  First time ever trying this method - cross your fingers and hope over 2000 reviews are true!  Oysters in downstairs fridge - bread will be cubed and left out in the morning.

And for the faint of heart or belly - this is the second rodeo of the day!  Lunch is at my Mother's where I am supplying the Great Pumpkin Cake, Green Bean Casserole, Deviled Eggs, and Acorn Squash with Fruit Stuffing.  I truly love Thanksgiving!
Have a wonderful and thankful day!


  1. Sounds delicious! And I love the place card idea-- wine corks-- who'd have thought?! Great idea!

  2. Such a beautiful post. I hope you'll post pictures for those of us (er, me) who are challenged...