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Saturday, November 13, 2010

I never knew this!

I still can't believe I never knew this!  Seems pretty elementary to me now that I know it.  I'm sure the rest of the world was totally aware....... but I had been in the dark for all these years.
Thanks to my wonderful friend over at South of the Fork, I was able to strike from my daily to do list early in the morning "learn something new today" the other day.  Just about first thing at that!  Keep in mind, old habit are hard to break and I have yet to actually use my knowledge this week.  But it is sitting back there in my brain, hoping one day I'll remember it.
Such a simple concept, How to Properly Cut an Onion!  The Art of Doing Stuff saved me from having to convince Big Guy to send me to cooking school for this one proper technique!  I still don't know how to properly flambe something so maybe that will get me some cooking classes where I can flip, and toss, and flambe!

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  1. Thanks Emily! I'm glad I've helped you delve into the world of onion dicing! - karen from The Art of Doing Stuff!