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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's coming Soon....

Thanksgiving will be here in........ how many days??? What 3 weeks from tomorrow?  The grocery sales already have "Thanksgiving" foods on sale - but where do I store TWO turkeys for 2 1/2 weeks till they need to be thawed.  Even at $.39 a pound???? And why two turkeys (say that 10 times fast) - two turkeys, two turkeys, ok I can't even type them correctly!  We will have a Family luncheon at my Mother's for lunch then Big Guy's family will be at our home for dinner and the weekend.  This is my FAVORITE holiday.  LOVE it.  It's like Christmas without the pressure of present buying.  BUT the pressure of finding storage for TWO TURKEYS just might put me over the top this week!!!!
So are you thinking of Thanksgiving yet?  Am I the only crazy person starting to plan her menu?  Will you have a traditional Turkey and dressing kind of meal or do you prepare something different????
By the way, the above is my dream picture of my Turkey being placed on my table - doesn't look quite that good!


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