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Friday, November 19, 2010

Forget what the menu said! Lamb Chops instead!

Started this post Wed evening, and well between computer battery dying, painters being here (and us not), and well life!  Sorry for the delay!

We had a change of plans in our menu today.  Just happened.  But it was SO YUMMY!  Again, let me remind you, I did not grow up eating lamb.  For that matter, I would never have known how to cook it.  Lamb is primarily eaten in the European side of the world.  If you have ever visited Europe, skip ordering a steak.  Not the same as our beef here in the USA.  But think about it, when images of Scotland and Ireland farmers pop in your head, don't you see a man walking beside a collie wearing a cable knit sweater, herding sheep and lamb?  The terrain overseas is more fitting for the raising of lamb.  We here in the good 'ole US of A raise cattle and chickens historically.
So Big Guy grilled Lamb Chops on the grill, 8-9 minutes each side.  This cooked the chops to a medium rare.  Oh so tasty!  I would almost say better than say....almost.  The chops had been marinated all afternoon in a mixture of rosemary, vinegar, oil, mustard, garlic, and a bit of honey.  They were bursting with flavor!
Now the chops were great.  But my favorite dish tonight was the Rice Pilaf.  This was the first item cleared off of both boys' plates tonight.  The Two year old only wanted rice and more rice.  My favorite rice (at the moment) is Jasmine Rice.  The smell of Jasmine rice - ah, it makes the house sing!

See I love it so much I am even showing you my half empty bag!  So good!  And cooking it in chicken broth with sauteed orange peppers, garlic, and celery - perfection!  I can't wait for leftovers tomorrow with Black Bean Salad for lunch!
We rounded dinner out with steamed asparagus and hollandaise sauce.  And I'm not too proud to say, I used a packet to make the sauce.  Remember that convenience factor????
McCormick makes life easy!

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