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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Big Guy did it again!

Well, Big Guy did it again.  But.... it truly was okay.  One (of many) keys to happiness is to accept change.  Especially when it ultimately makes my life easier.
So, Big Guy called  around lunch and the conversation went like this:
Big Guy - "What have you fixed the kids for lunch?"  (extras would be his lunch)
Me - "Pizza is cooked, salad to be made"
Big Guy - "I'm thinking hot dogs.  So I'll stop at the grocery store for buns.  Do you need anything?"
Me - (well he did just ask, right?) "A turkey - if you spend a certain amount of money, it is super cheap per pound.  I have a few items to help add up your total."  (although the man did not need my help - he can spend money well in a grocery store).

So along with the items I requested, one additional purchase was a pork tenderloin.  And so sweetly, my dear husband requested BBQ for dinner tonight!  How could I refuse!  Especially when I still needed ground turkey (I was substituting it for the beef in our Cabbage Roll Casserole tonight) - so NO trip to the other grocery store needed from me!  Yahoo!
Quick check on the good 'ole world wide web gave me just what I was looking for - an easy recipe for BBQ in the crockpot.  Found it!  I cut about 1/3 of the tenderloin, popped it into the crockpot along with spices to make a rub, Basting sauce, and some water.  Flipped it on high and walked away!  Don't you just love the crock pot!
To round out our meal, I needed quick vegetables and thought it was perfect timing to try out this Fried Cabbage recipe.  Don't be thinking it is deep fried cabbage - more like sauteed.  I altered the recipe by sauteing the chopped cabbage for several minutes in a cast iron pan with extra virgin olive oil.  Crushed already cooked bacon from yesterday's breakfast (about 4 slices).  Tossed the bacon in the pan.  Seasoned with fresh ground pepper and a couple of dashes of garlic salt.  Totally cooking time, less than 10 min!  Delicious!
And to go with the flow a bit more, when I opened my pantry looking for BBQ sauce, I was like Old Mother Hubbard, the cupboard was bare of bottled sauce.  No fear - I found a simple recipe for wonderful tasting BBQ sauce.  I doubt if I will be buying another bottle anytime soon!
After 4 hours of cooking the pork, I removed it from the crockpot.  Emptied the liquid from the crock.  Shredded the pork using two forks.  It fell apart easily!  Added it back to the crock along with the BBQ sauce.
Added buttered corn and baked beans.  Simple and fast meal


  1. That's the same BBQ sauce I make. It always gets great reviews! I thought I took care of my BBQ craving last week, but now it's back. Looks like I'll be trying to make my own this time.

  2. you are super wife! i do love bbq pork i think if hubster brought a loin home i would be cheering! thank you for sharing this simple and delicious recipe with tuesday night supper club!

  3. Christy - I am loving your blog! Fudge Ripple has made me drool several times this week!

  4. Thanks for using and linking to my crock pot pulled pork recipe. Glad it worked out!