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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dinner on the Grill tonight!

Even though it is Autumn, we still use our grill.  Heck, we grill year round.  One of the BEST ideas Big Guy ever had was to have a gas line connected permanently to our gas grill.  No big deal right?  WRONG!  All I have to do is sashay onto the deck, turn the knobs and push a button!  FIRE!  Cavemen only wish they had it so easy!  I mentally thank him each meal I use the grill.  Thank you Big Guy!
So tonight I will be firing up the grill.  This is not what was on the menu planned two days ago.  Remember, the menu is a guideline for me - things happen and changes sometimes need to be made.  In this case, Big Guy went to the grocery store yesterday (dangerous sometimes!).  He came home with 4 BEAUTIFUL steaks.  So lovely, they did not need to find a home in our freezer.  So we did a little menu shuffle in the kitchen - fun little dance!  Tonight, we will be having Ribeyes, roasted Red Potatoes toasted with Kosher Salt and Olive Oil, and salads.  A Red Blooded American Man kind of meal!
Ribeyes are not my favorite steaks.  Big Guy has me spoiled, I'll admit it.  My favorite steak is a tenderloin. Period.  Not too marbled with fat but full of flavor.  We typically will buy a whole tenderloin when they are on Special at the grocery store and cut them into steaks at home, freezing individually.  Price per steak, this is the most economical for us for this cut of meat.
Don't know how to cut your own steaks?  Check out Karen's advice at the Art of Doing Stuff.
So what's on your menu for tonight?


  1. *drooling* that is my FAVORITE meal...favorite.

    Now I want steak - however, we have hamburger thawed at home, so unless it's old (which is a possibility) - we're having something with hamburger...either hamburger helper or spaghetti...or both.

  2. I wish we were havings steaks, but we are grilling out as well. We're having hamburgers. It's not a ribeye, but it is pretty tasty.

  3. Isn't Karen THE BOMB!?!

    We use our grill year round, too. Can't wait until our outdoor kitchen is finished. Then I can go out, push a button, and do a fire dance. :D

  4. Burgers are my favorite second grill food! YUM! And don't you love the kitchen clean up with grilling (or lack of!).