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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snow Cream - You scream, I scream, We all scream for snow cream!!!

Miraculously, it snowed here in North Carolina today.  First week of December.  This is not typical.  I recall a few times having a dusting of snow in December as a child.  So today was super special!  We had a beautiful afternoon of big fluffy flakes falling from the sky.  And it stuck to the ground, accumulating like a big white blanket.  And in our home, a nice snowfall means SNOW CREAM! 
I grew up making snow cream.  No true recipe - just snow, milk, sugar and vanilla flavoring.  Snow cream isn't ice cream.  It's similar though in taste to vanilla ice cream but with the texture kind of like a slushie.  Can easily be eaten with a spoon.  If you make it "soupy", you can even drink it with a straw.  Our snow cream was traditionally vanilla but chocolate syrup can easily be added.  Great fun for the kids on a snowy day!
How to make snow cream:

Take a large bowl and big spoon.  Go outside.  Find a "clean" place to scoop snow.  We typically scooped it off the well top growing up.  Now we skim the railing of the deck or any tables on the deck.  Just need clean snow.  How much - depends on how much you would like to make.  This recipe is very loose and easily adaptable.  If you add too much milk, simply get more snow.  Very forgiving.
For about 4 cups of snow, start with 2 cups of milk.  3/4 to 1 cup of sugar.  Depends on your taste.  2 tablespoons of vanilla flavoring.

Stir well and taste.  Sweet enough, need more sugar?  Should be like "melted" ice cream but not like milk.  If needed, add more milk or snow.  See - didn't I say this recipe can not be messed up?
If you need a true recipe, here's one to guide you,

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