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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Focaccia Bread - thanks to the muscle of the Bread Machine

The Big Guy likes tools.  Tools for his yard, around the house, to fix trains and transformers that power the trains.  Tools in general.  But a tool needs to have a purpose before it enters our home (or at the least a general guide of potential use).
The kitchen is no different.  When I met Big Guy, he cooked, and cooked well he did! That was one of the zillion reasons I fell hard for him, he could romance me with food!  And he still enjoys cooking - just this weekend, he prepared 3 different meals.  All because he wanted to do so, no asking needed.  Some may ask why doesn't he cook more often - he likes to eat right?  Well, I like to buy a few things (food, clothing, gas, get the picture) every once in a while so his job is to provide for our family and mine is to take care of them.  We meet in the middle often.
Back to tools in the kitchen.... Big Guy had a fabulously stocked kitchen of cookware and gadgets when I met him.  He still likes to acquire nice kitchen accessories.  Two years ago, we purchased a bread machine.  I go through spells using it.  It sits in a top cabinet so I "forget" about it.  But when I do pull it out to use, I am always happy.  It is super to use - especially to knead and proof breads.  This Focaccia Bread recipe is no different.  It is nice to be able to toss all the ingredients in the bread machine, set it to "dough" setting and walk away.  All I had to do was "punch" the bread down once, let it rise again and bake.  Oh so easy!  And nothing smells more warm and inviting than fresh baked bread in the kitchen!

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