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Monday, December 6, 2010

Gift of Fruit Crisp

Have I ever mentioned how much I love convenience?  Over the past few years, I have gotten better (not perfect by far) but better of having the basics on hand in my pantry.  This has been a lifesaver when company pops in for dinner at a few hours notice.  With 3 little ones under 5, rushing to a grocery store is the last thing I find convenient.  So to have staple goods on hand that I can whip into a dessert is my saving grace and sanity!
This is one of the most perfect gifts to pass that saving grace and sanity along to friends and family.  All but the butter that you would need to make a fruit crisp in a nice little gift bag!  How perfect!  Christy over at shows us a super simple recipe to make the "crisp" and how to incorporate our children in the "decorating".  And the choices of fruit is up to you - blueberry, apple, peaches, whatever tickles your fancy!  I love this idea!

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