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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to Each of you!  Time in my kitchen is such a gift to me - I am feeding my family and friends plus also my soul with warm memories!  Looking back over this year, I can recall times of making large and small meals!  Birthday celebrations for the children,

 arrival of a new child when many, many friends brought meals to us,

grilling outside, baking inside.  Enjoying Thanksgiving with family, Christmas luncheon with even more family.  Watching Teen discover she enjoys baking - her signature dish so far, Brownies!  Memories of family members enjoying many, MANY of those brownies - *smile*!  Warms my heart!  This year, the Boys - ages 3,2 - enjoyed cracking eggs, stirring batter, mashing potatoes. 

They have also joined their older sister in sitting the table for our evening meal.  Having friends over to "experiment" in the kitchen.  Watching the Big Guy make breakfast for us on the weekend.  The kitchen holds so many wonderful memories for me.  So as you enjoy your Christmas Holiday, I hope you and your family are making memories in the kitchen!


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