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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ornamental Oranges

Sometimes you really can learn something from teenagers.  Teen has several blogs - mostly of the crafting kind - that she enjoys reading during her computer time.  The other day, I glanced at the screen during her time and saw Dried Oranges!  Every year, there are a handful of "old-fashioned" ornaments or decorations that I intend to make but never do!  This year I can cross one off my list!
Natural Suburbia shows us how to make Handmade Ornaments (or in my case, decorations) using oranges and cinnamon.
Mine are a wee bit different.  I used tangerines as that's what I had on hand.  And since they were smaller than oranges, a cinnamon stick did not look proportional so we didn't use one.  I sprinkled cinnamon on some of my slices.
I sliced the tangerines, placing them on a baking sheet.  Popped in the oven at 275 degrees for an hour.  Lowered temp to 225 degrees for another 2 hours.  Great project on a super cold day to heat the house!

After they cooled, we added a bit of pizazz with school glue and glitter.  Simply brushed a little glue on with a brush and sprinkled multi color glitter over them to shimmer in the kitchen light.  Made a hole using scissors and laced ribbon to hang.

I hung mine from a garland I have over my kitchen sink.  Makes the kitchen smell wonderful!


  1. Aww, I bet your kitchen looks great!!

  2. What a great idea. I bet it smells great too!

  3. Family was over this past weekend and kept commenting on how neat they looked! This was such an easy project - allowing for the time for the oven to work was the only planning involved. How easy is that!