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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bring out the kid in all of us! Hot Cocoa Mix to Give!

Last night Teen made herself a cup of Hot Chocolate.  Her version is warmed milk and Swiss Miss.  Once heated, she added a large marshmallow on top.  According to Teen - "It's neat how the marshmallow gets all gooey in the hot chocolate!"
Who doesn't love a cup of Hot Cocoa?   Just the thought brings thoughts of warm knitted hats and scarves, a fire roasting outside, laughter, and friends!  Or sitting around the dining room table after a large meal with family and friends playing games.  What a great gift to give or receive!  Perfect for teachers, neighbors, friends or family!  You can easily find inexpensive mugs at the discount or dollar store.  Tie a pretty ribbon around them  Add a candy cane - who wouldn't like a touch of peppermint in their mug of cocoa! This recipe from Family Fun uses 6 ingredients.  Line them up as an assembly line.  Enjoy -  Best Hot Cocoa Mix!

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