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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Say Cheese!

Several years back, the Big Guy and I ventured across the pond for a few days and nights.  We enjoyed seeing Europe decorated by Holiday decorations, an outdoor ice rink in the town square, candles lighting windows in churches and cathedrals.  It was fabulous!  So many sites to enjoy and absorb.  Just the "European Flair" was great!  And we enjoyed the local fare at the eateries.  One evening, we shopped the local grocer and dined on cheeses, breads, and pate along with wine.  What a great meal that was!  One of Big Guy's favorite cheese we dined on that evening was Old Edam Cheese.  So much so, we brought home 5 rounds of it in our only luggage we took with us (for a week!) - our carry on bags!  It was that important to the Big Guy for us to make extra room for his cheese!
Since our trip, we have ordered Old Edam Cheese from the best Cheese Farm - Henri Willig.  Big Guy treated himself to an early Christmas present and it arrived last week.  His Edam cheese has been enjoyed by everyone in the house!  It arrived with a 15% off coupon for any future orders.  Big Guy had intended to use this coupon code in the near future.  Me, not being a mind reader, tossed his order info out with the trash!  Ooops!  Bad wife!  So to make up for my goof, I emailed the customer service department of Henri Willig, explaining my predicament and asked for help!  Lightning fast, Nico from customer service emailed me the coupon code and bonus - offered it to all of my readers!   How great was that! 
So if you have a cheese fan you need to purchase a gift, or even would like one for yourself, go check out their assortment of cheeses!  They have many kinds - Gouda, Herb, Goat, Pesto, Fenugreek, and many many more.  And any kind of accessories you could need to go alongside your cheese!  At checkout, please use the promotion code EMA1225 which will give you a 15% discount
(valid until December 31st 2010).

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