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Friday, October 22, 2010

What you learn from others

I adore listening to other's menus or what they are having for dinner.  I probably would not have ever tried tofu had it not been for a fabulous recommendation from a friend for Coconut Curry Tofu.  And the list of foods that the Big Guy has introduced is quite long -
goat cheese
and so much more!
And I would have never EVER even thought of googling Pastitsio!
But I am constantly influenced by what others eat, mostly people I know.  Stromboli is now on our menu rotation thanks to friends.  Certain snacks.  Ideas for desserts.  And one idea I love and adore GRANOLA!  Two years ago, while trying to lose weight after Number 1 Son was born, I utilized an online group where you journaled your caloric intake, chatted with others, etc.  It was very helpful.  (making mental note to get back on that bandwagon...). Anyway, as I've mentioned I wake up hungry and wanting sweet.  So breakfast while trying to eat healthy was difficult for me.  Until someone mentioned vanilla yogurt with GRANOLA sprinkled in it!  Bliss, absolute bliss for me.  To the point that my sons ask for this breakfast OFTEN!
I am not a connoisseur of Granola as this fabulous blogger South of the Fork is, I enjoy it greatly!  I just get overwhelmed standing in a grocery store looking at 10 different varieties of granola.  But the Ooohs and Ahhhs I have heard about Gorilla Grains, I WANT some!  Seriously, when someone gets THIS excited over food, it must be had!
Here's a little info about Gorilla Grains -


Eat Strong. Swing Long.                            

Gourmet Granola, 100% Organic Oats
   My first mistake, I married a chef.  Over 20 years ago. Arizona farm girl meets Detroit chef.  What was I thinking? Seriously, I was raised in a farming family that took vitamins, blended protein shakes out of raw eggs and powdered milk, and exercised back in the ‘60’s.  My husband, Steve, always said he would rather go without food than eat something that didn’t taste good.
 I began a quest to come up with a granola that Steve would eat that tasted good.  Well, 14 years passed and Steve’s comments advanced from, “Tastes like sawdust,” to “I would rather eat the paper bag.”
Undaunted, I pressed on.  After years of refinements, he said, “Now that’s good.  I could eat it every day.”  And he does.
Friends and family that try it also love it.  Steve says, “The last bite tastes as good as the first bite.”
Eat strong. Swing long,
Alicia Rehburg
Originator of Gorilla Grains
(815) 846-0924

Intrigued - check out South of the Fork and leave a comment on your favorite comfort food.  You never know - YOU might be the winner and receive these tasty Gorilla Grains!

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