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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Heat in the Kitchen Burnin' it up!

My thumb.  That's what I burned this morning as I flipped out a pancake onto a plate this morning for some very hungry boys.  Technically, it is the side of my thumb and it was not even on the hot griddle that scorched me.  Somehow, the burning hot steam from the pancake hit my thumb for several seconds as I was balancing this pancake from falling to the floor versus the plate.  Crazy I know!  So I am now sporting a super cool Toy Story band aid thanks to the kindness of youngest son.   (He just thinks it's neat Mom is wearing a band aid of his!)
But there is a moral to this story.  The key to fabulous pancakes is HEAT.  Yes, you need heat in the kitchen!  Crank up the heat on the pan or the griddle so that when you pour that batter, you can just hear the goodness begin to form.  I will admit, I do use a pancake mix that all I add is water.  Shame on me but as I am waiting for the coffee to brew, I need breakfast to appear as quick as possible!  The 3 year old wakes hungry as a bear and wants his breakfast 5 minutes ago!  Just this morning, the child ate 3 whole pancakes!  THREE!  And I don't make tiny pancakes.
Maybe he loves pancakes so much due to my eating them pretty much every day (and night!) for the last 2 months of my pregnancy with him!  Those last few months when you can't sleep, are waking at odd hours all night.  Well, I would wake around 3, 4ish hungry and first thought would be PANCAKES!  So I waddled into the kitchen 8 months pregnant and made them!  Yes, at 3 and 4 AM!  And they were so yummy!

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