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Monday, October 11, 2010

Waste Not, Want Not

Dinner was delish tonight and really easy!  Spinach, Chicken and Bacon Calzones, Steamed Broccoli, Greek Salads and Lemon Pudding with Whipped Cream - 2 thumbs up by all family members!  The dessert was the perfect ending and it was the beginning of it all!  One of my grandmothers (I still have all 4 of my grandparents living) has a saying that she has lived by. 
Use it Up, Wear it Out!
Make it do, or do without!
A life lesson in such a short phrase so many of us should live.  But I digress, dessert!  That's where I started.  I had leftover whipped cream (the homemade kind remember?) in the fridge and could not in good faith let it go to waste.  So I ventured downstairs to my pantry to see what flavor of good 'ole Jello instant pudding sat on the shelf.  Lemon - yum!  And yes, instant is fine for my family.  I enjoy convenience.  Add the milk, whisk whisk whisk - and in a matter of minutes, pudding!
Now doesn't lemon pudding with a dollop of whipped cream sound lip smacking good!  Just ask the three year old - he did all but licked his bowl!  Literally!  And what better to go with a yummy dessert but calzones!


  1. The calzones sound great..of course, anything w/bacon is great...

  2. They were. And if you used purchased cooked chicken and ready made pizza dough, super fast!
    Go check out the recipe!