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Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm late, I'm late......Feeling a bit like the White Rabbit!

I haven't planned my menu for this week!!!!  YIKES!  We've been going going and more going, I have barely sat down let alone think of what I am feeding the crew!  Have you planned your menu yet?
And it doesn't have to be set it stone.  Just a game plan to keep from running to the store every day or through the drive thru in a rush!

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  1. No - but I never plan. I DID cook last night...(MAJOR accomplishment around here) & have some options for tonight too if I get home in time. I bought a prepared thing to throw in the crock maybe tomorrow...(it was worth the extra $ for the meat to be trimmed & seasoned & the veggies to be cut & ready to go)...then out as usual on Wed...that's about the extent of my plan. :)