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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Osso Buco - say THAT 3 times fast!

It's What's For Dinner!  As mentioned in earlier post, my find of Osso Buco changed our menu for tonight.  Had it not been for Stone Barrington, I would have had zero idea what this meat was or how it needed to be prepared.  Let me just preface - this was DIVINE!  Teen took one bite and said, DELICIOUS!  And didn't say another word for many many minutes to follow.  And in reality, it truly was an easy recipe.  Once prepped, all you have to do is let it simmer.  That's it!  Buy the meat and  viola!  Delicious country Italian food!  I served it with salads, roasted red and sweet potatoes, and steamed green beans.
Osso Buco means bone with a hole.  Traditionally, it is a hearty Italian dish of braised veal shanks.  A wonderful comfort food dish with it's rich red sauce full of cooked celery, carrots, and onions, the aromas perfect for a cool Autumn day.  Other meats could be used in place of the veal - pork shanks or beef shanks would work just as well and a bit more economical.  The tender veal though literally fell off the bone as I was plating the entree for dinner.  No knife was needed to cut the meat either.
I did add entire can (the small ones) of tomato paste to the dish instead of what the recipe suggests.  And I did not make the herb bouquet or tied the Osso Buco with twine.  Instead, I added the herbs into the sauce.  I did brown the meat and put on simmer low for about 2 1/2 hours.  One of those dishes that you can cook (brown) at 3 and then just let simmer till dinner time.  No fussing or flipping required.  Perfect for company coming and not wanting to wait till the last minute to time all the dishes to end together.


  1. I've never eaten it, but Osso Buco is one of Anthony's favorite dishes at Il Palio. I honestly wouldn't have thought it would be as easy as you make it sound. I'll have to tuck that away as another one to try some day.

  2. I had two people to rave about the local Italian place serving it as well. The amount of time sounded intimidated at first but literally put on low simmer and placed a lid and went about my business in the house for the afternoon.

  3. It sounds so easy! And fancy. Kind of like your calzones which were AWESOME.

    Glad it turned out like you wanted it to!