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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If you could only have SMELL-A-VISION

You would be loving it right now!  Well, maybe not as the smell entices you to pour a cup of coffee!  Banana Chocolate Chip muffins are baking as I type for breakfast in the morning.  YUM is an understatement!  And if I can stay up just a little bit longer, I might give them enough of a chance to cool off - and EAT ONE!  Why am I baking at this hour you might ask???  Well, we are heading to the State Fair tomorrow morning bright and early.  So bright and early, I will need a few extra minutes to insure I have gathered changes of clothes for little ones, snacks and drinks for all of us, Scavenger Hunt list (this is an Educational Field Trip), and all the kids in the right seats of the van!  Planning ahead is the key to my survival.  So with 25 min under my belt, I have breakfast ready for hungry mouths - including my own!
Ahhh - warm banana muffin smell - it should be a candle!  Oh wait, I believe it is!

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