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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh Sweet Potato-Pecan Casserole! Day 4 of Autumn Foods

My Brother In Law typically makes Sweet Potato Casserole for holiday family gatherings.  And it is delicious!  To me, it tastes like a true Southern Sweet Potato Casserole, full of sugar and butter!  On top of the gravy and stuffing with the mashed potatoes and turkey, my arteries begin to harden after lunch!  All that butter!
And with sweet potatoes coming into season, I was tickled when I happened upon healthier version of the traditional Sweet Potato Casserole.  So of course I HAD to make it to try it out, right?  And it was wonderful!  Fabulous taste, a hint of sweetness but the sweet potato still shone through, and fluffy!  This is a keeper for the holidays.
And why do I have the holidays on my mind you might wonder?  Even though it was above 80 degrees here in NC (crazy weather!)!!! I was waiting in line at a store to pay for my purchases and there it was .... November's issue of the Food Network magazine.   Picking it up and flipping through it just for those few moments, I saw recipe after recipe I wanted to try in my kitchen.  And I was just flipping through the first 40 pages of how to cook the perfect turkey, homemade dinner rolls, quick weeknight meals, cranberry relishes!  So I brought the magazine home with me.  And have had visions of Thanksgiving dinner since!
So I followed Ellie Kreiger' Sweet Potato-Pecan Casserole this evening and my home smelled like Autumn!  I didn't miss the butter or white sugar at all!

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