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Monday, October 18, 2010

A taste of the Mediterranean Lamb Stew

I did not grow up eating lamb.  For that matter, pinto beans one of the main source of protein for us.  Our family did enjoy home grown sausage from a neighbor that raised a pig or two.  So lamb was an exotic thought to me - like sushi or Thai food (both of which I love now!).  My Big Guy has a wide range of taste.  Remember when I said he literally wakes in the morning and says - Hey, can you make XYZ????  This is one of those times.  When he enters the grocery store, I can guarantee he will exit with more than the 3 items requested.  And 9 out of 10 times, he has found the deals in the meat department.  So Big Guy has picked up several great deals on lamb stew.  Family is visiting this week that has memories of eating Lamb Stew as a child.  Thus my dilemma was to prepare a yummy lamb stew dish.  Having never had eaten Lamb Stew, I searched the internet.  But at last, I found it!  Was unsure what to expect as the stew had Garbonzo Beans, but it was super fabulous!  Served over rice (cooked in Chicken Broth), cornbread muffins, and salad.
Haven't tried Lamb?  Give it a shot.  Teen loves it!
I also used frozen tomatoes from my freezer instead of tomato sauce and added one cube of beef bouillion.  Frozen tomatoes are occupying space in my freezer courtesy of my wonderful Mother.  My parents (retired) have a summer hobby of growing produce.  When they have an excess of very ripe tomatoes, my Mother would peel them and freeze them whole.  And since number 4 arrived this summer, Mother spent some time in my kitchen.  Therefore, I benefited with not only having my Mother near for help with a newborn (and the rest of the crew) but also several gallons of frozen tomatoes.  Future thoughts on making tons of spaghetti sauce.......


  1. I've always been reluctant to cook lamb. My grandfather raised them when I was little, so I'm sure I've eaten it in the past. I might have to try this one, though. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I was the first time as well but lamb with tzatziki sauce, makes me drool even after a full belly!