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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Even though I couldn't pronounce it...

I still made it.

We had a friend over tonight for dinner as well as family visiting.  So the Big Guy was creating the menu - Wahoo Oscar (benefits of family living on the coast), quinoa (see previous post), steamed asparagus, steamed carrots and salad.  And for dessert - pumpkin pie with creme anglaise sauce.  The creme anglaise sauce is the word I can not pronounce but trust me, you can call it simply cream sauce!  It's that good!  Lick the pot you create it in good!  How did I come about to make this divine addition to the pumpkin pie?  I decided to bake the pumpkin pie after asking family members ideas for dessert for tonight's dinner.  Teen and Mother in law both got excited at the thought of pumpkin pie.  Simple - I had everything for that.  But no whipped cream.  No full of fat heavy whipping cream to fluff into creamy goodness.  So off to google the internet.  I did have Half and Half.  Can I pour that into the bowl and have the Kitchen Aid do it's magic?  I could but Eureka, I found a recipe for creme anglaise!  And that is how it came about to be poured over top Pumpkin Pie.  Takes a few extra moments but definitely gives pie the WOW factor!

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