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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fish Fry tonight!

With the change of the menu with last night's dinner, our Fish Fry was tonight's dinner.  I am very blessed with family that lives on the coast of NC and supplies us with fabulous fresh coastal fish.  Our seafood supply currently consists of Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo, and Peanut Dolphin, sometimes referred to as Maui Maui.
Both of my grandfathers have ponds on their properties that were stocked with fish as we were growing up.  I can recall many summer afternoons spent fishing with one Granddaddy or another.  Catching several fish, Granddaddy would clean the fish and Grandmother would fry it!  One of the BEST meals of all time! 
We enjoy fish many different ways but fried is one of the best.  I often use House of Autry seafood breader but recently I have not kept it in my pantry, making my own breader.  Taking equal amounts of Italian bread crumbs and flour, I dredged my fish fillets (that have been soaking in milk - or buttermilk - for at least 15 minutes) through the mixture.  Then frying it in hot oil in a cast iron skillet.  YUM!
Big Guy has taught me quite a few tricks in the kitchen.  One is how to make your own tartar sauce.  Very simple and you can adjust to what you like.  We like a hint of heat to our sauce so I chop a few jalapeno slices into the mix.
For tartar sauce:
mayonnaise - 1 cup
grated onion - 3 tablespoons
sweet relish - 3 tablespoons
lemon juice - a dash
Worcestershire sauce - a dash
Simply mix all together and let the flavors "marry" for a few hours prior to serving if possible.  If you forget and make right before dinner, it will still be good.  And you can adjust the amounts according to how much you need or like.

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