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Friday, October 22, 2010

I'll admit it, I've never eaten

A S'more!  Nope Never!  And yes, I went to summer camp for YEARS!!!!  Was even a Girl Scout where the earliest recipe for a S'more can be found in the Handbook of 1927.  But I can honestly say (unfortunately) I have never eaten a S'more!  I want to Yell - I WANT SOME MORE!
And in case you ask - why is she speaking of S'mores????  During a 30 min drive back from a Museum today with the boys, the Great Big Purple and Green Dinosaur aka Barney was playing on the van DVD player.  Even though I attempted to block out the extreme perkiness of the singing, I still heard mention of S'mores in one of the songs.  Got me thinking - have I ever tasted the chocolate covered gooey graham cracker concoction in my life???  NO!  Shock!  Growing up, we often had "brush" fires when a large pile of broken limb or trees that had been cut or trimmed needed to be burned.  Those were nights of hot dogs and marshmallows!  Grab a long stick and Daddy would trim the end to a point with his pocketknife to insure the hot dog would not fall in the fire.  Flames would heat the hot dog to the perfect crispiness.  What a dinner!  Then for dessert, roasted marshmallows.  Just a touch of flame, not burnt but a few bubbles of dark brown on it.  Oh so yummy!  Ooooey, Gooooey, YUM!
But no chocolate or graham cracker to go with it!
So what is your perfect S'more?  Makes me want to build a fire outside and find some marshmallows now!


  1. OK, I'm floored that a country girl from Randolph County has not had a S'more! BTW--once your are hooked, just keep the stuff in the pantry and heat in the toaster for a nice, quick treat! I'll admit--the missing smoke flavor does take away a bit, and of course it is not as fun.....but sometimes ease speaks louder!!! Enjoy your S'mores! Jen (btw--Barney's even too perky for me!!!!! :) )

  2. I don't like marshmallows - so I make s'mores w/out them...just the chocolate & graham (& btw - I <3 that you refer to 'Daddy' as 'Daddy"...I do the same thing...not, "my dad", just "Daddy".)