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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cheesy Pleasing Easy Dinner - 4 Cheese With Bacon Macaroni

Originally - as of 9 am this morning - I was planning to serve Sesame Orange Chicken with Vegetable Stir Fry.  That totally changed when the Big Guy requested Chinese the one day a week he is stuck in his office.  The kids and I bring him lunch (and with 4 kids, entertainment!) this one day that he can not leave the office.  All the agents in his office rotate this duty.  But it's a nice little perk for the kids to visit Daddy at the office.  So he requested Chinese (pick up of course!) for lunch.  So I just rearranged my planning and viola!  we had 4 Cheese With Bacon Macaroni.  This fell into our "meatless" meal night category.  Yes, I do understand BACON is from a pig thus makes it meat.  But in Big Guy's eyes, meat as flavoring or garnishment does not equal to having a steak or leg of lamb.  And as he sat down at the dinner table tonight, glancing at the dishes and announced "this must be our vegetarian night", I don't think a spinach quiche would go over so well tomorrow night! *grin*
Four Cheese with Bacon was featured on the cover of Family Circle Oct 2010.  And it just looked so scrumptious I HAD to rip it out as soon as I flipped through the magazine.  A big bowl of mac and cheese - what more could a girl want! (excluding the cleaning fairy and laundry fairy to show up on the same day!)  As I try to do each night, I had spooned a heaping serving on a plate to cool for the boys while the tween (wait, she's a teen now! *gulp*) set the table for dinner.  As she went by, she snuck a spoonful of the cooling pasta.  OH MY! escaped her lips!  That is GOOOOOD! (teen's have such a way with words, don't they!).  And yes, I will agree with her, it was so yummy!  I do believe the boys were quiet for 5 minutes as they devoured their dinner.  Big Guy gave it praise BUT it wasn't a steak.  Win some loose some.  On meatless night, that was a compliment from him! *wink*
To round out a plateful of creamy 4 Cheese with Bacon Macaroni, we had salads with Oil and Vinegar dressing and sauteed zucchini, summer squash, and onion tossed with parmesean cheese.  Super easy, and healthy dinner (well, minus the bacon!)
So what did YOU have for dinner tonight????

Here's the link for the recipe.  Enjoy!

And I had macaroni on hand versus cavatappi so that's what I used.  Didn't I tell you I never follow a recipe exactly!


  1. We had McDonald's but yours looks/sounds SO much better!

  2. OK You made me go out and buy an issue of family Circle! You need to try the Reuben Casserole in the November Issue and tell me how it is!