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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Game Plan - Do you have one?

After many years of "what's for dinner" question and then the blank stare, I discovered one of the blessings of life - PLANNING!  A weekly game plan for dinner.  So tonight as I enjoy a tv date with the Big Guy, I pull out my recipe cards and tear out from cooking magazines.  I search the internet as well but there is something glorious about flipping through cards of recipes that I have snatched out of magazines.  Woman's Day, Better Homes and Garden Cooking Light, Family Circle, Country Woman, etc. - every visit to my Mother's house, I have leftover magazines from she and my grandmother to explore.  I try out recipes that I never would have even thought of exploring the world wide web.
I know I have a whole chicken, fish, steaks, and lamb in the freezer.  One night will be meatless - not for religious reasons, but in an attempt for healthy eating.  If I ventured with more than one night without meat, my carnivore Big Guy would revolt!  So off to plan 5 nights of food!


  1. Planning is my only saving grace... That and a well-stocked pantry (which leaves a bit to be desired at the moment). We know one family that has "Meatless Monday." Do you do something similarly? I think that's a great idea because then the whole family knows what to expect (especially Husband).

  2. I've tried the whole planning thing before...never stick to it. Either don't feel like eating the thing planned...or get home too late to make what's planned...or just don't feel like bothering to COOK anything...really need to do it though - to save $ if nothing else....

  3. Haven't dictated one day as the "meatless" day - it truly depends on our schedule for the week's activities.
    MegWeb - I bet you could if you thought of it as a whole week. The days I know we are going to be on the go the whole time, I plan something easy to throw together - even if it's hotdogs (and they are on this week's menu). Planning doesn't mean you HAVE to have xyz on a certain day - just having everything on hand ready. And choices - and who doesn't like choices readily available?