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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bring me some luck and fortune!!! New Year Dinner 2011

BBQ Chicken, Collard Greens Sauteed with Bacon and Onion, Hoppin' John, Buttered Corn, and Cornbread Muffins - it's our "traditional" New Year meal!
I grew up with "greens" - normally turnip greens.  I DID NOT LIKE them!  Not at all.  But they were bitter for my taste at the time and cooked, well, to death  in my opinion.  One Thanksgiving we were visiting Brother in Law at the coast.  A friend cooked the most delicious collard greens - instead of boiling them for hours and hours, she sauteed them in a wok. Tender, full of flavor and so delicious!  I like to cook several slices of bacon if I don't have ham.   Strip the collard greens off the thick stem and cut into 2 inch strips.  You can saute in the same pan and the bacon was cooked or start with some olive oil (this is what I normally do).  Cook for about 20-25 minutes, adding a few tablespoons of water or chicken broth to help "steam" them.  Add onion, saute them as well till translucent.  Add crumbled bacon, fresh ground pepper.  Splash with pepper vinegar.  Enjoy!
Hoppin' John is a new recipe that I have never eaten nor cooked.  But from the reviews on Bo's Bowl, I know it is going to be a winner!
Why Collard Greens and Blackeyed Peas (in the Hoppin' John)? Collards are green - the color of well, greensbacks, Money!  Eating Collard Greens on the first day of the year is suppose to bring you money in the coming year.  If nothing else, they are very nutritious for you!  Black eyed peas resemble "coins" - money as well.  Good fortune and luck are to come those who enjoy these two dishes on the New Year Day!  And who doesn't like to create some of their own luck!

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