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Monday, January 17, 2011

What's Cooking in the Kitchen Jan 16 - 22

Back to the world of Blogging and oh how I've missed it!  I have been attempting to be more productive with my time.  With the flexibility I have with our days, structure is sometimes hard, causing valuable time to slip away.  So I am trying to carve out special "computer" time similar to what the Teen has, in limitation.  Have made progress in being more organized with other household duties, so it seems to be working!
And menu planning is one time saver I enjoy!  And even if our menu changes, as it did at the end of last week, I at least have guidance and am not rushing to the grocery store every day!  That would be a time killer!
Our game plan for this week:

Gyros using lamb from roast (Sat's dinner)
couscous with sauteed mushrooms and onions and tossed with feta cheese
Lettuce, tomatoes, onions and Tzatziki sauce

Sourdough bread
cut veggies

Peanut Chicken Slow Cooked
Stir Fry Veggies
Basmati Rice

Italian Meatloaf
Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans

Herbed Baked Fish
Rice Pilaf

1/2 and 1/2 Pizza (half his, half mine!)

Chicken Pot Pie
Creamy Potatoes

This menu has been shared with Menu Plan Monday

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