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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'mmmmm Melting! Crayons that is!

So far this winter, the South has been blanketed with more snow and ice than normal.  Personally, I enjoy seeing the white precipitation covering the trees and creek - it slows down our lives just enough!  As I have gotten older in age, I enjoy being at home more and more.
One activity we did during a recent snowfall was to melt crayons.  I will admit, we had to actually break our crayons - most crayons were unbroken.
 So we snapped and broke our crayons into small pieces.

  Mix them into a mini muffin tin sprayed with cooking spray.

 Melted in a low temperature (250/275 degrees) oven for a few minutes.  Watch after 5 minutes.  It took our crayons about 12 minutes to completely melt. Keep a watchful eye on them.

Allow them to cool.  I took a butter knife and gently pushed them out.

I just LOVE the multitude of colors!  Enjoy!

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